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Strong & Durable Organic Bed Foundations

Strong and durable, Savvy Rest’s matching natural, organic foundations replace the box spring in any bedstead or bed frame to support your latex mattress. They are available in two standard heights. The organic coir bed rug adds air circulation for solid-platform beds. The platform bed insert gives strength to any existing bed frame

Mattress Foundation

A latex mattress is supported by a rigid surface—a foundation or platform bed. Our matching natural foundation replaces the boxspring in a bedstead or frame. The foundation is a rigid wooden support made of untreated pine, with three-quarter-inch slats spaced 2.5" to 3" apart. It is enclosed in the Savvy Rest organic casing. Height: Standard (9") or Low-profile (5").

Available Heights:
Standard (9"), Low Profile (5")

Available Sizes:
Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, Queen Split,
King Split, CA King

Natural Bed Rug

The bed rug is a one-inch mat made of coconut fiber (coir) with natural latex. The bed rug is porous and allows air circulation between the bottom of a mattress and a platform bed's surface. It is strongly recommended for breathability under any foam mattress on a solid-platform bed. Where inadequate air circulation is a concern, a natural bed rug may be advisable on a slatted platform.
We recommend adding two bed rugs in highly-humid environments.

Queen: Two 30x80" pieces
King: Two 38x80" pieces
CA King: One Each 80x34", 80x38", 72x4"


Platform Bed Insert

Hand-built in our Central Virginia woodshop, our platform bed insert is meant to replace a foundation or box spring. This maple and poplar insert fits inside your bed frame and can even be used to add extra height to an existing platform bed. With fourteen hardwood slats, this insert can provide adequate support and "breathability" to any existing frame.
Our platform bed insert features strong, intuitive hardware. No tools required.

  • Total height: 7"
  • Untreated maple & poplar
  • Non-customizable

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