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The Mattress Store
Family Owned & Operated for More than 35 Years

Meet Our Team

Kimberly Haig - The Mattress Store

Kimberly Haig

I'm co-owner of the Mattress Store and have been actively involved in all segments of the business since 1986. Sharing my knowledge of the benefits of a good night's sleep is my strongest passion. Most often found in our Chester store or Stevensville warehouse, I manage the accounting and people of The Mattress Store and with Kristine, carefully choose the products we offer. Fishing, fishing, and fishing are my ... Read more
Margaret Wright - The Mattress Store

Margaret Wright

Margaret is an Eastern Shore native who attended QACHS and has spent most of her adult life living in the Annapolis area. She has worked in the bedding and furniture industry since 1983 and has been a member of the Mattress Store team since 2005, as a co-owner she brings new perspective on product selection and customer service. Margaret loves to travel and enjoys learning new things, cooking, ... Read more
Kristine Haig - The Mattress Store

Kristine Haig

Having worked in all aspects of the business since its beginning in 1982, I may have helped you choose the first set you purchased from our Annapolis location. Now you will find me working behind the scenes most days. I make sure your delivery is on time and completed in a professional manner, oversee our customer service department and coordinate the purchasing and promotions aspect of The ... Read more
Bill and Margie - The Mattress Store

Bill and Margie

Bill and Margie, founders of The Mattress Store in 1982. Her dedication to all is felt throughout the company. You will find her willing to share her vast knowledge of mattresses. Our mom was blessed with an incredible soprano voice. Her singing has taken her on a wonderful voyage, singing live on ... Read more
Tiffany - The Mattress Store


Tiffany is an Eastern Shore native, graduate of Chesapeake College and the happy mother of a charming little boy, who keeps her busy with T-ball and football. Tiffany has been with us just over a year – she is a quick study and great listener. We are proud to call her a member of our team. Tiffany will help you find the perfect night's sleep!
Kim Pulley - The Mattress Store

Mr. Pulley

Kim “Mister Pulley” grew up on Kent Island and attended QACHS. He is close to his large family and loves his dogs and motorcycles. The Mattress Store relies on his commitment to carefully delivering our products safely into your home. Kim has been with us for Read more
Dianne - The Mattress Store


Dianne is from a military family and has successfully raised 2 young men. She is very active in taking care of her older family members and chares a great deal of knowledge about helping older people get the support, ... Read more
Joe - The Mattress Store


Joe and his family are longtime residents of Kent Island. He brings almost 40 years of experience to The Mattress Store team. Joe has suffered through many back surgeries and sleep apnea. He is happy to share his strategies for a good night's sleep.
Teke - The Mattress Store


Teke is a born and bred Kent Islander, he attended KHS and has spent most of his career working in the area. He has been with The Mattress for 12 years. Teke loves to travel, works out at the gym regularly, bowls and participates in many other ... Read more
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